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Vi på Konstpretton älskar indie-, twee- och mespop och blev helt exalterade när vi upptäckte denna nya festival i Köpenhamn. På fredag åker vi dit för att rapportera och peppar med en intervju med en av personerna bakom det finfina initiativet.

Who are you and what is Copenhagen Popfest?
– We are Kasper, Morten and Mikkel (me), and we used to play music together in a tweepop band called Ampel. We let the band loose on the fields of foreverland a year ago, and because we’ve been to other popfests in Europe together, we though we’d do one ourselves here in Copenhagen.

– And Copenhagen Popfest – then what is that? Well like the other popfests in Europe and the US it is a small indie pop festival put together by music lovers, who’d just like to see some of their favourite bands play in their town – a thing that probably woundn’t happen, if they themselves hadn’t arranged a popfest.

How did you come up with the idea?
– As mentioned the Popfest idea isn’t ours. The idea of doing one in Copenhagen isn’t even ours. There was one in 2010 hosted by another crew, who did a great job and got lots of great bands to come and play. Unfortunately for them the event coincided with the volcaninc eruption on Iceland and the massive flight ban because of it. I have personally punked one of the 2010 organizers to give it another go, but when Morten, Kasper and I went to Popfest Berlin in October 2013 it dawned on us: WE have to be the ones to make it happen again. And so we did.

How did you choose which bands to invite? Is the anyone you are particularly excited to see this coming weekend?
– We had a few personal favourites that we’d love to see come and play, so we asked them first, and they said yes. Then we found a venue for it and in January we announced that we were going to do this, thinking that then we’d have lots of time to figure out which other bands to fill in with. Then our mail box just exploded. The word ”popfest” aparently means a lot to many bands – more than we thought, and we sort of had a luxury problem: Applications from way too many great indie pop bands. But it was great. It got us listening to a lot of fantastic music during the process of choosing, we had to ”make a cut” for the few slots that we were able to offer.

– Anyone in particular that we are excited about seing? Well I look forward to all of them, but for me personally, The Felt Tips has a special place in my heart. A place that is usually filled with childhood and teenage memories, their lyrics and music always somehow seem to manage to crawl into that space and cuddle up with me. A thing that isn’t as easy as it might sound.

If you could book one band or artist, living or dead, what would be your dream booking?
– I think the three of us would all prefer to book living artists, but if for some magic reason Grant McLennan should take a day off from his place in heaven, we’d love to see The Go-Betweens play a show just for us and our few special friends.

– Living, I don’t know…The House of Love maybe?

What can we expect this coming weekend when at the festival?
– You can expect the wide palette which is indie pop to use all of its colours on a perfectly sized canvas. No, I don’t know. Good fun, nice people, musicians hanging round and listening to their colleagues play. A lot of dancing and smiling hopefully. Something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue, maybe.

Anything else you want to add, about the festival or life in general?
– I have lots of things to add about life in general, but mainly that life becomes what you make it and what you make of it. So why not make it great? It’s solo contagious… About the festival: We just hope that you’ll all enjoy it. We plan to.

Kolla in festivalens hemsida och alla finfina band som spelar här: Copenhagen Popfest.

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